Why do i study law

The main reason why i wanted to study law was the importance it takes in the world law builds civilization, protect fundamental rights and protect ideas and inventions through patenting anyone can defend his or her right through the legal system law can bind an agreement to allow an aircraft to fly. Civil and criminal law are no longer the principal pillars of the five year law degree as students also study corporate and commercial law, mediation and negotiation, international law, intellectual property law, environmental law and human rights law, just to name a few disciplines. Law graduates are in high demand with employers due to their strong legal knowledge, critical skills what should i study to do a law degree receiving certificates in an english or humanities based why you should study medicine, how to get onto a medical degree, and the careers you can go into. If arguing is really why you want to go to law school, save your money and start a blog about american politics where you can shout into the echo chamber of imbeciles all you want without bothering anyone smart who has shit to do. I am being asked by universitys why do you want to study law now apart from the obvious - make big money and have a professional career i am looking for a better answer that will make them want to enroll me please no unapreciated answers i am looking for serious answers thanks in advance.

why do i study law Are you in sixth form and thinking about studying law get ready to tell everyone why.

What attracted you to law i have to admit that i wanted to study law initially because i wanted to be a lawyer, which is not actually a good reason to do a law degree. Why study for a law degree in london in 2018 best european law schools you should keep your eyes on in 2018 why do we ask this if you tell us your nationality, we can show you the visa and tuition information that is most relevant to you also, tell us which currency you'd like to have the fees. Why do you think it is important to study economics economist, that economics is a study of mankind in the ordinary business of life it examines that part of individual and social action which is most closely connected with the attainment and with the use of the material requisites of wellbeing.

One of the best things about studying law is that you will be studying alongside students from around the world photograph: alamy it is a truth universally acknowledged that a law student, in. Why study law if you are thinking that you might wish to pursue a career as a lawyer, whether a solicitor or a barrister, there are two different ways of getting the necessary qualifications many people who study law at university do so because they want to become practising lawyers. People typically study law in order to work in a profession that requires the knowledge of the law, such as a judge, lawyer or legal aidethere are many different kinds of people who study law and even more reasons why a person chooses to study law. So why study law here are some of our top reasons this is perhaps the best reason to study law at uni you find law interesting and even fun if you find something fun and enjoyable that usually means you're going to be good at it.

What do margaret thatcher, benazir bhutto, barack obama and mahatma gandhi have in common interestingly, they are world leaders who studied law one of the oldest academic fields in the world, a law degree is a highly regarded qualification and promises great career opportunities. Best answer: i actually was interested in health law originally, but once in law school changed my mind if you have an interest in health, medicine, fitness, etc, it is nice to study the law relating to what interests you. However, students currently studying law please reply if you would like to as i am equally interested on what law is like to study at a higher-than-a-level-level i wish i could think of a good reason why i decided to do it at uni but really it's because i couldn't think of anything else to do. Business law is an ideal major for anyone planning a career in the business or government sectors this major also lays the foundations for a successful postgraduate studies in law. (5) overarchingly, why study law because without it, we would not have a just world we would not have social recourse when someone harms another we study the philosophy of justice, equity, and fairness to ensure that we live in a society that can function and function well we study how to have.

The reason that you want to become a lawyer and if you can't think of one, maybe you shouldn't be applying for a bachelor of law course believe me, if anyone is going to be able to pick up on a canned answer and rip it apart, it's the person who interviews applicants for a law degree. Before starting on why i decided to study law it would be more appropriate to give you an insight into my journey from andhra pradesh to bils, which i cherish now 3 studying law gives the chance to deepen our experiences across the full range of social sciences, sharpen our minds, & strengthen our. Why study law law is a fundamental part of business and business has always been intertwined with the law and legal regulations, but these are becoming more complex as a result, business students often enter the corporate world without a comprehensive understanding of the law or the role of legal professionals in the creation and operation of. Learn more about why we study law, and examples of the legal, social and political questions addressed by our academics why study law an llb from the lse provides an excellent platform to launch a legal career but it involves much more than that. Why do i want to go to law school yes, it's an obvious question, but almost everyone in your position either overlooks it or avoids it with rationalizations so answer it, right now, to yourself.

Why do i study law

Why do i study law topics: law, sleep, truth pages: 3 (744 words) published: april 2, 2013 there was a man living in a jungle this shows where there is a human society there is law and breach of law, there remains difference in power there someone makes law but every one is not bound by law. The practice of law in the united states has a proud history, integral to the founding of the nation and maintaining the rule of law many lawyers and law students from around the world come to study or practice law in the united states. Whether you are going to college just out of high school or going back to school, you have most likely chosen a field of study if not, consider criminal justice.

  • Studying law allows a person who has a strong sense of justice to see where there are defects in the system and to work constructively and effectively to studying law offers a wonderful intellectual challenge in that it develops the ability to argue from a basis of evidence in a way which can be very.
  • Law school applicants general discussion why do i want to study law if it's any consolation, no one i know in law school seems to know the answer to this either share this post link to post.

Learn more about studying law in the usa by reading our growing article collection « study guide by subject « study law in the us over time we will be updating this section and including more information for those who want to study law in the usa and for other countries, but please feel free to post your thoughts and comments on our facebook fan page or google circle, and also follow us. Law school combines classroom learning with practical experience to prepare students for a career in law lawyers can choose to specialize in a particular field of law, such as tax, civil rights, real estate, criminal defense, environmental protection or corporate law. Wikipedia page2 a recent study concluded that a majority of college stu- dents—and probably, therefore, law students—rely heavily on wikipedia for course-related research 3 perhaps my students comprehend the inevitability of.

why do i study law Are you in sixth form and thinking about studying law get ready to tell everyone why. why do i study law Are you in sixth form and thinking about studying law get ready to tell everyone why. why do i study law Are you in sixth form and thinking about studying law get ready to tell everyone why. why do i study law Are you in sixth form and thinking about studying law get ready to tell everyone why.
Why do i study law
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